Mezco One:12 Collective Darkseid DC Comics Action Figure


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The One:12 Collective Mezco Darkseid figure is the first ever fully articulated Poly-Stone figure featuring a newly created One:12 Collective body that encompasses his immense stone physique. Incorporating magnetically interchangeable faceplates and light-up Omega Beam eyes, the DC Comics Darkseid action figure is primarily made of Poly-Stone with casted metal accents to achieve a level of authenticity never achieved with the character. The tyrannical New God is clothed in his signature royal tunic with a real metal helmet, chest plate, waist belt, and includes an Apokoliptian ceremonial cloak with an armored harness. Included with this One:12 Darkseid is his sentient Mother Box super-computer which is also made from metal and magnetically stores on the back of his belt.

Darkseid, ruling dictator of the dystopian planet of Apokolips, seeks to abolish freewill and enslave all life in the universe. A being of unparalleled strength, intelligence and boundless evil, his divine powers make him not only a threat to the heroes of earth, but to every world within his grasp.

Box contains

  • Darkseid figure
  • Light-up helmet
    • 4 Faceplates
  • 5 Interchangeable hands
    • Pair of fists
    • Mother Box-holding hand
    • Pair of posing hands
  • Metal Helmet
  • Metal Chest plate and shoulder armor
  • Vest garment
  • Metal waist belt
  • Metal shoulder harness and cape (removable)
  • Boots with metal heels
  • One (1) Mother Box (magnetically attaches to belt)
  • One (1) One:12 Collective display base with logo
  • One (1) One:12 Collective adjustable display post

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  • Mezco One:12 Collective Darkseid DC Comics Action Figure
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