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Latest News - UPDATED 15th AUGUST 2021

Due to the Covid 19 port blockade before Xmas we do expect overall delays on items coming into the UK via Europe, this will affect the following brands

1) Bandai

2) Mattel

3) Hasbro

4) Hot Toys

5) Mezco



Due to the huge delays Hasbro UK seem to be suffering all our deliveries are now on hold with them until the end of June in the hope they can get things together and get back on track with release dates.

Sadly this year we have received partial or no deliveries of promised items which is not only affecting us but you the customer. If Hasbro UK cannot overcome these issues we will return to alternative stockists for Hasbro product, In turn this will make sure our customers receive the items pre-ordered in good faith at the earliest date possible

Currently Delayed

Gen Select Sandstorm - 2nd shipment delayed - no further updates on new arrival date


Figuarts Hit

Star Wars Vintage Collection ROTJ Boba Fett - awaiting 2nd drop

SH Figuarts Battle for New York Thor

SH Figuarts Battle for New York Cap

Figuarts Godzilla and King Kong

Figuarts Son Goku

Figuarts Full Power Son Goku

GI JOE Retro Stalker and Cobra Trooper

Figuarts Burter and Guldo

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